Apogee’s Symphony I/O Mk II HD Is Now Shipping

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Apogee’s Symphony I/O Mk II HD Is Now Shipping

apogee symphony.jpg

The unit features a modular I/O (up to 32 inputs and outputs), intuitive touchscreen display and optional world-class microphone preamps. Apogee has now announced that the HD model, designed for Pro Tools HD systems, is now shipping.


Since the first generation was released in 2010, Symphony I/O has been a gold standard for the professional recording industry and utilized by a wide variety of commercial studios, producers, engineers and artists worldwide such as Bob Ludwig, Spike Stent, Bob Clearmountain, Dave Tozer, Nathan Chapman and Studio 606.


Symphony I/O Mk II raises the bar on all Apogee flagship products that have come before it, offering even better audio clarity and sonic transparency. When equipped with either the brand new 8×8 or 16×16 Mk II I/O modules, Symphony I/O Mk II outperforms all other multi-channel audio interfaces available for Pro Tools HD. 


For more details, head to sounddistribution.com.au.