Analogue Solutions reveal insane Impulse Command Synth

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Analogue Solutions reveal insane Impulse Command Synth

As the company name would suggest, the Impulse Command features a fully analogue signal and modulation path based on that of vintage synths from the ’70s. While the unit includes digital components to control its stereo delay, reverb and MIDI sequencing capabilities, everything else is 100% analogue – no quantization, no CPU, just thick mojo-heavy soundscapes to plunge into headfirst. 


In addition to its dual filters, 16 step analogue and MIDI sequencers and intuitive modulation section, the Impulse Command also plays host to an incredible semi-modular patching interface, allowing you to modify the signal path of the synthesiser to create wildly unpredictable sounds. There’s even two independent LPF’s to create stereo loops, creating a dense multi-tracked sound to add sustenance to all your electronic tracks.


Check out how it sounds below – we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these.




Analogue Solutions is distributed in Australia via Audio Chocolate and AWave