An Overview of Ninevolt Pedals

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An Overview of Ninevolt Pedals


Bath Time Reverb

This pedal is pretty similar to most other reverb pedals, offering three different types of reverb (hall, spring and room) and a mix knob for wet/dry balance. It also has a time knob which sets the length of the echo, allowing you to dial in anything from light reverb to cathedral style echoes.


1927 Homerun King Compressor

Adorned with a pair of baseball playing grizzly bears, the 1927 Homerun King Compressor is a simply laid out low-noise studio compressor. It’s fitted with two LED lights to show you when the pedal is engaged, and also when the compression signal is being applied.


Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz

While it possesses a unique voice that’s uniquely its own, this pedal does give a subtle nod to some of its famed forefathers of fuzz, perhaps most recognizably the Big Muff pi. It’s certain to be a hit with the musician who’s looking to add a little heat to their pedalboard with a classic fuzz tone.


Ninevolt Pedals Surfing Bear Overdrive

Edgy and boosty, you can get that blues type fix that is juicy with a little extra when you really dig in. Great with a clean amp for some grit through to reasonably dirty and then for pushing something already on the edge.


I Wish I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion

A littler more gainy than the Surfing Bear, the Wolf can muster quite a bit more saturation and has a little more EQ range thanks to the internal bass and presence controls. Good for rock, blues and some ballsy old school metal it again ticks a heap of boxes including price point.


Ninevolt Relaxing Walrus Delay

This isn’t your over the top super flash NASA approved delay pedal that will cover every gig you’ve ever played, but it is a good sounding flexible delay that can do slap back, slightly spacious, bigger dirty solo delay tones and some atmospheric chord stuff. Enough control to get a number of gigging tones and can work as a set and forget delay or act a little more in your face if needed.


For more details on Ninevolt Pedals, visit the Hot Apple website.