Amplify Your Acoustic The Smart Way With Acus Amps

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Amplify Your Acoustic The Smart Way With Acus Amps


Acus manufacture amplification systems that are specifically targeted at acoustic bands and soloist, with dedicated channels, preamps and monitors that give equalisation levels to all instruments.


The speakers, cabinets and electrical components are all custom made. Specific class A output stages are located in strategic positions of the pre-amps, capable of delivering a very warm, valve-like tone, typical of studio amplification.


Acus Sound Engineering developed the Oneforstrings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (most notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. Each model differs by the number of the channels and power output to suit every musician’s requirements.



Equipped with two separate inputs (one mic-line and one line) and controls for gain/volume, 3-band EQ, effect send and master volume, the Oneforstrings5T is a slightly bigger model than the Oneforstrings5T. It also features a dedicated AUX input and an electronically balanced direct output.



The Oneforstings6T ups the ante with 3 inputs (two mic-line and one line) with controls for gain, 3-band EQ, effect send and volume. The ‘Master Section’ features a direct-out electronically balanced output, RCA stereo input and RCA stereo output. 



The Oneforstrings8 contains a class A pre-amplifier. Featuring three inputs (two mic-line and one line), it is completed with a peak LED, gain, 3-band EQ, effect send and volume controls.


The versatility of this model is enhanced by an AUX input with dedicated volume control and 2-band EQ; two direct outputs (line and rec) and a manual “feedback cancellation” filter. The headphone output with dedicated volume control and eight high-quality digital effects round out the multi-faceted features of the system.



The One For Strings AD is the largest model in the range in regards to power and sound pressure. It delivers 350 watts of power in 16 kg in weight, making it an exceptionally versatile and portable amp.


An exclusive feature of the AD can be found on channel 4, which is equipped with a 3-position switch that can be used to further enhance the tone of the instrument plugged in. Channels 1-3 give you the option of mic/line input, while channel 5 is designed for line input only.



Ideal for street musicians, Oneforstreet is the first battery-powered amplifier in the Acus One family. It features the same sound quality of other Acus One family amplifiers, even when powered by the internal battery (which is an unusual characteristic for this type of amplifier). 


Acus Sound Engineering products are distributed Australia-wide via Drum Partner/ Music Partner.