Alesis Introduces New Electronic Drum Kits

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Alesis Introduces New Electronic Drum Kits


The Nitro is a 5-piece entry-level electronic kit with crash, ride, hi-hat and kick drum pedal all for an affordable price. Unlike many other kits at this price point, the Alesis Nitro comes in a standard drum rack con guration – which is essential in learning your way around the kit and playing in comfort. The snare drum is dual zone, meaning you have an active rim and head, just like a real snare, and the Crash cymbal is chokable, just like a real cymbal.


The Forge Kit features the new advanced drum module that is found on the Forge, Command and Crimson kits – it’s a sleek, sexy and powerful module. The Alesis Forge Kit is also a 5-piece, but with the upgraded module, polished chrome rack and improved drum heads. Stepping up from the Forge is the new Command Kit. All the toms get an upgrade to a better quality drum head, the cymbals get ‘hideaway’ booms and all drums get an upgraded rack clamp system. 


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