Ableton introduces browser-based Learning Synths utility

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Ableton introduces browser-based Learning Synths utility

Thankfully, Ableton have launched a new web browser friendly Learning Synths utility to introduce you to the fundamentals of how synthesiser works, Learning Synths offers an extremely friendly and playful interface, encouraging the user to drag their mouse around their screen and click and drag little musical icons in an XY motion to gain an understanding of various elements of synthesis. 



Starting off with amplitude and pitch, Learning Synths takes the user deep down the rabbit hole into understanding percussive effects, LFO manipulation and envelopes, all while maintaining a colourful and playful visual interface. If you dive in deep enough, you’ll even end up in West Coast synthesis territory, as well as ending with a fully interactive synth you can play in your browser (!!!) via your QWERTY keyboard or a webMIDI utility. 


Even if you’re a staunch synth nut who already knows everything under the sun or a diehard shredder vehemently opposed to the notion of anything other than playing pinch harmonics on a BC Rich Warlock, you’ll have some fun with this. Ableton, you’ve done it again!


Embark on your own Learning Synths odyssey here.