A Look At Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass In Ear Headphones

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A Look At Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass In Ear Headphones


The Solid Bass range currently features three models: the ATH-CKS550iS In Ear Headphones, the ATH-CKS990iS Premium In Ear Headphones and the ATH-CKS1100iS Hi-Res In Ear Headphones. The ATH-CKS550iS is proof positive of the evolution of Solid Bass headphones over the years, with stark improvements across the board. Dynamic 9.8 mm drivers are housed inside a sleek and stylishly designed chassis that incorporates.


The ATH-CKS990iS features huge 13mm dual magnetic field drivers for extended bass without sacrificing the quality of the overall sound. Superior magnetic power and an innovative venting system allow the ATH-CKS990iS to deliver rich, detailed sound while the aluminium housings provide a resilient and stylish exterior.


The ATH-CKS1100iS is Audio-Technica‚Äôs most accomplished Solid Bass in ear headphones to date. Two facing Dual Phase 12.5 mm Push-Pull Drivers reduce intermodulation distortion for amazing wide range audio reproduction combining Hi-Res Audio with deep, rich bass to crystal-clear high-frequency sounds. Two ideally positioned vents provide precise control of diaphragm movement, while the machined aluminium housings reduce unwanted vibration for extended mid-high frequency reproduction. 


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