10 ways to repurpose your old instruments

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10 ways to repurpose your old instruments

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Guitar Shelf

Nothing says muso like keeping your stuff inside of an old guitar. When your old guitar has had enough, pulling its guts out and putting in shelves might be the best way to keep it around.


Piano Shelf

A similar idea to the guitar shelf, this one has a bigger effect being such a big unit and will impress guests, as well as being a good place to store a whole bunch of stuff.


Snare Drum Clock

Sometimes you just cant live with music, it has to be in every second of your day. With this clock it literally can!


Trumpet Lamp

Who really wants another lamp from a homewares store in your living room? This trumpet lamp will make your friends jealous, and finally put your neighbours out of their misery; you aren’t the next Miles…


Drumstick Lamp

This lamp is a warning to your current, unbroken drumsticks that says ‘you’re next’. A shrine to the fallen, this is a great way to recycle those broken drumsticks which always seem to be around.


Brass Urinals

Perhaps not one to do in your own home, but if you’re a band venue or a concert house it could be a novel thing to implement.


Cymbal Light

Just cool. When you find that your musical taste changes and you swap out your rock cymbals for something a little more suited to jazz, this is a great way to save space storing the old ones.


Guitar Dollhouse

Every muso parent wants to pass on the gift of music to their kids, and if you think it’s too early to get them playing the guitar, why not have them play in the guitar.


Guitar Case Bookshelf

This is one for when your case is busted up to the point where it no longer really protects the guitar. Give it another life by using it as a bookshelf.


Floor Tom Bedside Table

It’s the last thing that you see before you go to sleep, and the first thing you see when you wake in the morning. It’s not your significant other, it’s the tom drum that had to be retired from service, but that you’re just not ready to let go.


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