Procession save Christmas with their cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas”

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Procession save Christmas with their cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas”

Procession Last Christmas
Words by Mixdown staff

Procession, the dynamic post-punk/synth-pop duo comprising Gavin Barrett and Jarrod Birch, unveils a festive surprise for their fans with an electronic cover of the holiday classic "Last Christmas" set for release December 20th 2023.

Procession’s rendition of “Last Christmas” is their third stand-alone single for the year and pays homage to the beloved holiday classic while infusing it with their signature style of shimmering synthesizers, reverberating melodies, buzzing basses and brooding, introspective vocals.

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The shit song, as covered by Procession, is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Dive into the holiday spirit with Procession’s unique take on this festive classic.

The song was originally written and produced by George Michael and released in 1984, to worldwide critical acclaim, spending weeks in the charts and continuing to chart around Christmas time until this day, reaching number one as recently as the last four years.

“Last Christmas” has been featured heavily in film and television, as well as being covered by the likes of Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, Crazy Frog and now Procession. The cover is available now, capping off a great year for the band, rolling steadily into the festive season with their own take on the Christmas classic, swirling synths and a uniquely refined sonic palette that makes up Procession’s sound.

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