Pearl celebrates 75 years with new President Phenolic and Deluxe drum kits

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Pearl celebrates 75 years with new President Phenolic and Deluxe drum kits

Words by Will Brewster

Marking the diamond anniversary of the Japanese percussion powerhouse.

Since forming in 1946, Pearl Drums have grown to become one of the most renowned drum manufacturers on the planet – in a nutshell, they’re essentially the Fender of the percussive world as we know it today.

To celebrate their 75th anniversary this year, the brand are debuting the new President range, a collection of two vintage-inspired kits with distinctive stylings and appointments.

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Limited to only 100 kits worldwide, the Pearl President Phenolic pays tribute to the first ever kit released by the Japanese percussion greats way back in 1946, utilising Phenolic shells built from pressurised composite materials for a distinctive tone.

The kit will feature a 22”x14”/13”x9”/16”x16” shell configuration with a 14″x5.5″ matching snare, and will be available in a Pearl White Oyster finish with vintage Pearl script badging and bass drum logos.

Each kit will also feature original ‘battleship’ lugs, adjustable internal tone mufflers, felt bass drum muffling strips, a kick drum mounted cymbal holder and Gullwing kick drum spurs to make for a formidable anniversary edition package.

Additionally, Pearl have also shared details of the President Deluxe kit, with shares many of the same vintage specs as the Phenolic kit as detailed above, yet swaps out Phenolic in favour of Lauan for the drum shells to provide a dark tone with a fat kick sound.

The President Deluxe kits are available in two different configurations – 22”x14”/13”x9”/16”x16” or 20”x14”/12”x8”/14×14” – and can be purchased in either Ocean Ripple or Desert Ripple finishes. There’s also matching 14″x5.5″ snare drums in corresponding finishes, which can be purchased separately.

Find out more about both kits over at Pearl Drums. For domestic enquiries, get in touch with Dynamic Music.