Orange Amps Launch the new OR30 Amp

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Orange Amps Launch the new OR30 Amp

orange amps OR30
Words by Mixdown staff

Orange Amplification have officially launched the new, all valve OR30 amp.

Orange Amps have officially launched the new, all valve OR30 amp with Footswitchable Volume Boost and Bright Switch. Designed and built in the UK, the OR30 is touted to be one of the loudest 30 watt amps on the market. In tests, the OR30 hits similar sound pressure readings well above 30 Watts, with all the power and quality expected of the classic Orange tone.

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The tube rectifier assists playable “attack/release” enabling guitarists fingers to glide along their fretboard. The versatile OR30 has a gain that goes effortlessly from super clean, to crunch, to roaring saturation, allowing players to perform all styles and genres of music. The amp’s cross-line presence control is designed to work at any volume; players can roll off the treble on the tone stack, add or remove presence and get two totally different sounds and it also boasts an all valve FX loop.

The three-way bright switch, the first on any Orange amp, offers almost endless tone-shaping possibilities. In neutral the amp becomes the perfect pedal platform, allowing any distortion and overdrive effects to augment the tone of the amp. Flicked to the left the switch provides a fine treble boost to interact with the tone stack and when switched to the right it gives a broader treble boost that gives laser-like cut through and really sharpens the tone.

The footswitchable volume boost provides even more flexibility. This secondary volume control, with a stomp of the foot, gives guitarists the jump in power needed to move swiftly from playing rhythm to lead or solo. The specially Orange designed choke and output transformers offer more headroom to ensure the tone stays clean, the louder it gets.

Together these features make the OR30 an incredible British made single channel amplifier. The new OR30 is built with the highest quality components and designed for easy maintenance and for techs to service with ease. Orange’s design team all agree this new analogue amplifier will be difficult to match anywhere.

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