Ocean Way Audio unveil Pro3 Reference Monitor at great price

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Ocean Way Audio unveil Pro3 Reference Monitor at great price

Words by Sam McNiece

With an even frequency response down to 45Hz.

You may have heard of Ocean Way Studios if you use UAD or Waves plugins. Their emulation of the legendary studio is a popular plugin that lets you dial in their studio sound into your productions, but did you know they also make monitors?

What you need to know:

  • Recording studio turned pro-audio brand Ocean Way Audio have released the Pro3 Reference Monitors.
  • The speakers are 7″ 2-way monitors and have a bass response which reaches down to 45Hz.
  • Pro3 are the most affordable speakers Ocean Way have ever brought to the market.

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Renowned recording studio and professional level audio brand Ocean Way, return to the fold with the Pro3, a cheaper offering that still delivers that quality sound. The brand, which got started making custom loudspeaker systems for studios and audiophiles, have come a long way since Allan Sides started it in the ’80s.

Opting for a more common square design, the Pro3 reference monitors are a powered loudspeaker solution for professionals. The speakers are rear ported with a 1″ tweeter and 7″ low frequency driver. They can obtain a frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz with a loud 110 dbB maximum SPL.

OWA have paid special attention to the time alignment between the two drivers and materials to ensure minimal low frequency resonance.

The high frequency driver is made from silk fabric in a dome design while the low frequency driver utilises a reinforced aluminium cone for “high-power linearity”.

The high end monitors feature overload protection to ensure the monitors don’t distort or get damaged after hours of usage.

There’s digital in and out on these monitors, that is common on the Ocean Way monitors, with an ethernet port for servicing. No RCA inputs here either, The professional speakers only feature XLR inputs, very common at this level of equipment.

These Pro3 Reference Monitors are shipping now and will be in stores very soon.

Head to Ocean Way Audio for more information on these.