NAMM 2021: Vox revive the Bobcat guitar, launch VGH amplifier headphones and maple Telstar drum kit

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NAMM 2021: Vox revive the Bobcat guitar, launch VGH amplifier headphones and maple Telstar drum kit

Words by Will Brewster

Check out everything announced at NAMM today.

Guitars, amps, headphones and even drums – is there anything Vox can’t do? The iconic UK firm have unleashed a bevy of new gear at NAMM today, featuring a swathe of vintage-inspired products and a new take on their headphone amplifier range from the 2010s.


  • The Vox Bobcat semi-hollow guitars expand on the models launched at NAMM last year, adding new finishes and Bigsby tremolos.
  • Designed in collaboration with Audio-Technica, the VGH headphone range features three different models for Rock, AC-30 and Bass tones.
  • A new Mini Go portable amplifier range also offers the same VET modeling technology as last year’s Cambridge 50.
  • The quirky Vox Telstar drum kit is now available with maple shells.

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Vox Bobcat

Expanding on last year’s new arrivals, the new 2021 Vox Bobcat models add Bigsby tremolo systems and slick new finishes to result in a unique take on the tried-and-true semi-hollow format. There’s two different models on offer – the soapbox-equipped V90 and the single coil S66 – with each model featuring a maple plywood body and spruce centre block, with other appointments including a mahogany neck and Indonesian ebony fretboard.

Both new Bobcat models are available in Jet Black and Blue Sapphire finishes, with the Jet Black finish being complemented by a black B700 Bigsby and the Blue Sapphire sticking with a classic B70.

For single coil fanatics, the S66 features three pickups with independent tone and volume controls, letting you tap into six different tonal possibilities: neck and bridge, middle and neck, middle and bridge, middle only, neck only, and bridge.

Meanwhile, the V90 plays safe and offers two wide range soapbar pickups, with a three-way pickup selector toggle and two tone and volume knobs a piece.

Vox VGH Amplifier Headphones

Offering plug-and-play operation, the new Vox VGH Amplifier Headphones present themselves as a superb option for bedroom-bound guitarists and bassists looking to make the most out of their practise. The closed-ear headphones, which were designed in conjunction with Audio-Technica, feature valve reactor technology to replicate authentic amplified tones, and you can even turn off the amplifier section to use them as standard headphones to boot.

With three unique models on offer – the VGH-AC30 emulates the classic chime of AC30 amplifier, while the VGH-ROCK and VGH-BASS both provide ’80s amp stack and compressed low-end tones respectively – these cans look to please even the pickiest of players with their packed array of features. There’s even a bunch of onboard chorus, delay and reverb effects, while an aux in jack lets you play along to your favourite backing tracks.

Vox Mini Go Modelling Amps

Taking inspiration from last year’s Cambridge 50 combo, the Vox Mini Go range consists of three compact digital amps – the 5″-fitted Mini Go 3, the 6.5″ Mini Go 10 and the 8″ Mini Go 50 – each with ten amp models built in. There’s also a bunch of inbuilt rhythm presets and effects models, with the larger two amps also featuring a 45 second looper function.

All models in the Vox Mini Go range can be powered by either AC adaptor or USB, and look to be a perfect companion for any bedroom guitarist.

Vox Telstar Maple

After taking the drum market by storm last year, Vox have given the funky Telstar a maple makeover. The new kit, which was overseen by the Sakae Osaka Heritage team, features a bizarre 18″+12″ x 13″ bass drum, 12″ x 15.5″ tom and 14″ x 5″ snare, as well as a cymbal arm and kick pedal to get you started.

Vox is distributed locally via Yamaha Music Australia.