NAMM 2021: Supro debut Delta King and Keeley amplifiers, launch analogue chorus pedal

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NAMM 2021: Supro debut Delta King and Keeley amplifiers, launch analogue chorus pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Packing valve tones into a compact package.

After joining forces with Pigtronix and D’Angelico in a formidable brand partnership last year, Supro have debuted a slew of new products for 2021, with two new valve amps and a chorus pedal leading the charge for the company in the new year.


  • The Delta King range, Keeley Custom 12 and Supro Chorus marks the first release for the company since last year’s acquisition.
  • Three amps comprise the Delta King range: The one watt Delta King 8, five watt Delta King 10 and 15 watt Delta King 12.
  • The Keeley Custom 12 expands on the acclaimed Keeley Custom 10, a collaboration with celebrated pedal guru Robert Keeley.

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Supro Delta King

A modified take on their recent Blues King series, the Supro Delta King range offers players with a choice of three small-scale valve amps, each voiced to output those classic gritty tones of the ’50s and ’60s. They’re wired with Class A circuity and each utilise a 12AX7 tube in the preamp section, with the Delta King 10 and 12 being fuelled by 6V6 and 6L6 power amp tubes respectively, and can be picked up in either black or tweed finishes

As the smallest model in the pack, the Delta King 8 features only a trio of controls for Volume, Tone and Master Volume, while a small switch to the side engages a FET boost for when you want to cut through the mix.

The Delta King 10 and 12 amps, meanwhile, utilise a two and three-band EQ, and also offer players with a Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, Master Volume control and analogue spring reverb. Each amplifier also features the addition of a line output, letting you use the tube preamp to colour other amplifiers or even record straight to your DAW for some clattering distorted tones.

Keeley Custom 12

Additionally, Supro have reaffirmed their rapport with Robert Keeley with the new Keeley Custom 12, another valve amp specifically designed to function as a pure pedal platform. Like its smaller, 10″ speaker-equipped sibling, the amp features a two-band EQ and Volume and Master Volume controls, with an ECC83S preamp tube holding things down on the tonal front.

Meanwhile, a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12″ speaker provides a vintage-voiced tone with accentuated highs and a creamy midrange, while an effects loop lets you cleverly blend reverb and delay pedals for a streamlined signal chain.

Supro Chorus

For players looking for something a little more compact, Supro have also announced a new analogue effects unit in the form of the Supro stereo chorus pedal. It features an analogue bucket bridge circuit and boasts both chorus and vibrato modes, letting you tap into everything from a subtle warble through to sea-sick modulation.

The pedal’s vibrato tones can also be beefed up with a Dimension knob, a new feature that Supro tout as a ‘complex, double modulation effect’. Elsewhere, controls for Speed and Depth control typical parameters, while a Delay control lets you increase or reduce delay time on one side of the stereo field.

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