Yes, The Chats now have their own signature cask of goon

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Yes, The Chats now have their own signature cask of goon

Now, the Sunshine Coast punks have teamed up with UNIFIED Music Group and Crowbar to launch their very own ‘fucken sick’ cask of wine, thanks to the team at Delinquente Wine Co. 


The collaboration, which comes as part of an initiative from UNIFIED and Crowbar to shine some light on the Australian wine industry, is part of an ongoing project by the name of Built To Spill, which aims to spotlight a “delicious selection of natural wines from across the globe” as well as featuring drops concocted by a number of local acts. 


Previous acts to have teamed up with UNIFIED and Crowbar for their own signature drop include Josh Pyke, Northlane and WAAX, with more expected to be announced in the coming months. 


“We are excited to expose the whole country to a new wealth of talent in both wine and music, to push the boundaries of creativity and collaboration, to pair the old guard with the new school, and maybe find common ground between the established and the up and comers,” Crowbar’s Tai Tate said in a statement released today. 


If you’re keen to taste it, you can preorder your very own cask via the link below. We’d recommend mixing it with the cheapest pulp-free orange juice you can find on the shelf of your local IGA for a one-way-trip back to every bad black-out experience you had while at uni. 



Order your own cask of The Chats Goon here