Wyoming ranch bans rappers after Kanye West listening party

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Wyoming ranch bans rappers after Kanye West listening party

Jane Golliher, owner of the Diamond Cross Ranch where Kanye held his album launch, told TheBlast that while hosting the event created wonderful exposure for the ranch, it was also the “most confusing” party they’d seen. 


While the event was scheduled to finish by 10pm, the festivities didn’t even begin until 9:30pm. Adding to the logistical nightmare, any sound after 10pm is required to be kept under 80dB – naturally, Kanye had his album blasting at around 120dB. 



Golliher, however, maintains that she’s not holding it against Kanye, and that his planners and employees were amazing. While she feels she may have been misled on the details of the event, Golliher good-naturedly chalked up the chaos to attendees being from “California and LA.” 


From this point forward, it seems the ranch’s events won’t feature hip-hop as Golliher added there will be “no more rappers,” but she’s open to “good music.” It’s probably the nicest reaction to what sounds like a major headache, and we’re hoping the ranch continues to profit from the exposure of playing host to Kanye West.


If you’re planning a trip to Wyoming, pay the fine folks at Diamond Cross Ranch a visit.


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