Watch Ocean Alley’s new behind-the-scenes studio web series

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Watch Ocean Alley’s new behind-the-scenes studio web series

The series kicks off with Ocean Alley bunkering down in Byron Bay’s Rockinghorse Studios just days after winning the 2018 Hottest 100 to work on ideas for the record, and features snippets of unreleased music as well as a bunch of jams that didn’t make the cut for Lonely Diamond.


The episode offers an awesome insight into the band’s recording process, and goes to show just how strong their chemistry is when working together, while for music nerds, there’s plenty of tasty snippets of some sweet gear, heard on the album. Also, how good does Rockinghorse Studios look? 


The group discussed the series in a statement shared today, saying that “We made ‘Constructing The Diamond’ to give a look behind the curtain of how an Ocean Alley record comes together. Out of all of our albums, we spent the most time creating Lonely Diamond, and this series gives a glimpse into the process that we went through over 12 months of writing and recording. This glimpse doesn’t spoil the new album – we wanted to give a bit of a taste of unreleased music to hopefully make people more excited to hear it in full.”


You can watch Episode One below. Keep your eyes peeled to YouTube each Monday night to check out each part of the series – there’ll be a new episode each week until Lonely Diamond drops next month. 



Ocean Alley’s new album Lonely Diamond is out independently on Friday June 19.