WATCH: Guys Skateboard On A Guitar

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WATCH: Guys Skateboard On A Guitar

skate guitar.jpg

This is a bit different to the YouTube videos that we usually write about on Mixdown, of talented musicians reinterpreting old classics, and it’s one that may anger Ibanez fans or just guitarists in general.


These guys drill into the back of what looks like an entry level Ibanez and put on some trucks, before skating on it and giving bemused onlookers a go. Surprisingly, the neck doesn’t actually snap straight away, but once it does it all falls apart.


Not content with just riding it around, the crew try to do tricks with it, most of which rather unsurprisingly fail. I’d say I’m in the same boat as many of the guitarists commenting on the video, I’m not a fan at all.


Whilst not adverse to the idea of experimentation with guitars, I personally prefer it to be fusing metal with jazz, or hip hop with rock, rather than an actual guitar and a skateboard.


I mean, they could have at least found a crappy knock off brand guitar at the op shop…