WATCH: Band Of Lego Robots Play Daft Punk

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WATCH: Band Of Lego Robots Play Daft Punk


Actually, that last one is probably a positive impact of technology on human society, because it’s awesome. The Toa Mata band is a world first of its kind, that kind being a music making lego band. Listed under the Mechatronic Orchestra genre on Facebook, they are certainly something different.


The Lego robots are controlled by MIDI signals to move their arms and hit or press whatever button, instrument, screen, or Nintendo DS is in front of them. It is all controlled by Giuseppe Acito, the mysterious man behind the controls, who uses Ableton Live and Ardurio Uno to make it all happen.


Episode 4 sees them covering the greatest robot act of all, Daft Punk, with incredible accuracy, and you can watch it below. Check out their channel for the other episodes, which are as interesting as they are cool.



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