Watch: Guitarist covers Metallica’s ‘One’ with one string

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Watch: Guitarist covers Metallica’s ‘One’ with one string

Posted last week by Pete Cottrell, the insane cover definitely adheres to a ‘less-is-more’ mentality, showcasing Hammett and Hetfield’s intertwining orchestral guitar parts within the barebones confines of only one D-string.


It’s not the first time YouTubers have taken a unqie approach to a Metallica cover, considering the time someone covered ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ on bells or the drummer who took to garbage cans for a spirited rendition of ‘Frantic’. There were even some serious musos who took on the challenge of playing ‘One’ on one guitar – but playing the song on just one string? This we had to see.


Check it out below and treat this as inspiration to wear your strings in next time you’re whacking a fresh set on your fretboard.



We’re not sure which is better – this, or the time a local hero donated free metal to his community.