Premiere: Shaky Stills release new single ‘It Ain’t Easy’

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Premiere: Shaky Stills release new single ‘It Ain’t Easy’

Recorded at Northcote’s Maivary Lane Studios before making its way to LA where it was mixed and mastered by Gregg Leonard in his personal studio, ‘It Ain’t Easy’ displays Shaky Stills’ signature fusion of alt-country and rhythm and blues, melding frontman Patrick Carr’s classic country croon with an Americana-inspired melody. 


Lyrically, ‘It Ain’t Easy’ is an ode to today’s world and the importance of finding happiness and seeing the bright side of situations — an anthem for just getting on it with it when the going gets tough. The film clip, shot and produced by Jonny Clow, follows the same breezy, easy-going theme, featuring the bandmates having no-frills fun and relishing life’s simple pleasures. 



In addition to dropping ‘It Ain’t Easy’, Shaky Stills will be playing a handful of Melbourne gigs over the coming weeks, hitting The Standard Hotel, Fitzroy on Sunday August 5 before officially launching the single at The Rainbow Hotel, Fitzroy on Saturday August 25. 


For more info and future releases, check out Shaky Stills’ Facebook page.