WATCH: Foo Fighters Play ‘Everlong’ with Scott Ian’s eight year old son

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WATCH: Foo Fighters Play ‘Everlong’ with Scott Ian’s eight year old son

Just as we thought we couldn’t stuff any more love for Dave Groll and the Foo Fighters into our bursting hearts, they go above and beyond again.


Gushing with pride, Scott Ian posted the video of his son up on his Instagram:


“There Goes My Hero!”, the caption reads, “Proudest Dad moment ever? How about when your son gets to join his favourite band and NAILS IT!”




That’s one way to make a heavy metal rocker completely change look; Scott Ian is understandably gushing as his son takes center-stage.


Not one, yet, to smash his guitar on the stage, the youngest fighter respectfully rested his strat against a floor amp following his performance.


Foo fans know that this is not the first feel good factoid to come from the fighters, with a recent Budapest performance saw them welcome a fan in a wheelchair up to the stage via a mad crowdsurf, while last year the band played ‘Enter Sandman’ with a show-stealing 10-year-old fan during their Kansas City gig.


Meanwhile, the Fighters are sure to be in headlines again soon as they prepare to head to Rio de Janeiro for the Rock in Rio show which will see them join the company of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tenacious D, Weezer, Anthrax, Panic! At The Disco and more.


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