Watch: A Day To Remember’s ‘Bad Vibrations’

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Watch: A Day To Remember’s ‘Bad Vibrations’


The four-piece from Florida have spent the past three years touring around the globe, sharing their critically acclaimed Common Courtesy (2013). Back from their Big Ass Australian Tour, the guys are ready for almost ready to unveil their latest release.


Bad Vibrations is the second glimpse fans have had of the upcoming album, following Paranoia.


When talking about the recording process, which involved Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore, frontman Jeremy McKinnon said, “We completely changed the way we wrote, recorded and mixed this album. It was one of the most unique recording experiences we’ve ever had. We rented a cabin in the mountains 30 minutes outside of town and just wrote together in a room, which was the polar opposite of the last three albums we’ve made. And working with Bill was an awesome experience. He was a bit hard to read at first, so I think we subconsciously pushed ourselves harder to try to impress him. As a result, we gave this album everything we had.”



Bad Vibrations is out August 19 via ADTR Records/Epitaph. It is available for pre-order now. For more information, head here.