Peter Bjorn And John Drop New Album

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Peter Bjorn And John Drop New Album


Breakin’ Point is the follow up to their 2011 criticically acclaimed album, Gimme Some.


Outsourcing outside producers for their earlier release and doing the same for the new ablum, Bjorn says “You behave better when you have people over for dinner that aren’t just your family,” and “it wasn’t that we just brought in anyone.  We really respect what these guys do.  We wanted to make pop music that was relevant now and not in a fantasy world of what we thought would be relevant. We learned how to not dwell on stuff because you can’t sit forever.  You have to reach a goal. That was a little bit scary at first.”


As a result, Breakin’ Point is about creating big pop songs. Instead of vying for a live sound, the guys have chosen to take advantage of their studio surroundings and have crafted a complex album.


In celebration of the release, Peter Bjorn and John have offered up the first look at their latest video release, What You Talking About?.



Breakin’ Point is out now via INGRID/Kobalt Label Services. For more information, click here.