Video Premiere: Wither guitarists showcase debut single ‘Nothing To No One’

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Video Premiere: Wither guitarists showcase debut single ‘Nothing To No One’

The track is only a preview of what’s to come for Wither, a band comprised of some of the local heavy scene’s most talented musicians. David De La Hoz (Belle Haven), Jamie Marinos (Sentinel), Luke Weber (Dream On Dreamer), Liam Fowler (Pridelands) and Jeremy Hughes (Sanctify The Serpent, Taurus) have joined forces to share their discontent with the norm society finds itself in through ‘Nothing To No One’.


“You’re not a human being / You’re a human doing nothing,’ is the wakeup call issued by vocalist De La Hoz, underscored by the technical proficiency of some of our country’s most dynamic emerging artists.


Wither’s five members chose to explore their sound together after having played alongside, recorded or produced one another’s music in various projects over recent years.



“Wither was initially an idea between friends a few years ago,” said De La Hoz. “We wanted to do something new and heavy, so this started just as a hobby. It continued as a hobby for a long while until we realised the potential in the music we were writing.”


In this playthrough video released by the band, guitarists Jamie Marinos and Liam Fowler showcase their skills and prove that Wither is a band to watch. It’s the first of a series of playthroughs set for release in support of ‘Nothing To No One’ – stay tuned for the next instalments.


Keep an eye on the latest Wither updates over on their Facebook page.