Plini releases music video for new single ‘Kind’

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Plini releases music video for new single ‘Kind’

The intimate playthrough sees the accomplished guitarist showcase his skills on a Strandberg Boden “Plini” guitar, a unique design from the Swedish innovators at Strandberg. Directed by Seakyu, the video complements Plini’s recently released EP, Sunhead.


Speaking to Mixdown about the writing process behind Sunhead, Plini noted his tracks take influence from musicians he admires.



“I sit around with a guitar and fumble around until something seems cool,” he said. “Then I’ll go from there and try to build it up and add layers and different instruments. I sort of steal from all the bands I like, so I’ll try to combine a groove from Meshuggah with chords from a pop song and stuff like that.”


Sunhead is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services. Catch up on our interview with Plini to find out why he doesn’t hate jazz anymore.