Tool’s discography is coming to streaming services this Friday

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Tool’s discography is coming to streaming services this Friday

It’s a massive deal for the mysterious-yet-beloved prog-metal unit, who have spent much of the last two decades vehemently opposed to releasing their music on digital platforms. All of the band’s records, from Undertow to 10,000 Days, have only been available to purchase on either CD or vinyl, leaving the rest of the world to enjoy the band via shoddy MP3 torrents and warbling, ultra-compressed YouTube rips. 



The announcement couldn’t come at any better time for Tool, who have also taken today’s time in the limelight to announce the title of their hotly anticipated fifth recordFear Inoculum. Alongside an Instagram post of the record’s artwork, the band have also stated that preorders, a tracklist and a lead single (!!!) will be coming shortly, as well as acknowledging the extended tenture between drinks with the statement “Thank you for your patience.”



Needless to say, the hype is high. Fear Inoculum arrives in literally a month. I can’t believe I have the pleasure of writing this – what a time to be alive, huh?


Fear Inoculum, the new record from Tool (!!!!!!!!) is coming Friday August 30. Hit up their website for all updates.