Tool finally hit streaming services

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Tool finally hit streaming services

If the roll out seems confusing, that’s because it is; after being one of the first to break the news, Loudwire now reports Tool’s representatives claim the stream that has appeared on Google and YouTube is not official. A Spotify and Apple Music profile for the band appeared back in May, despite not being populated with music. The demo tape has already been taken off Australian Apple Music.



The news initially seemed plausible, as the band reportedly held talks with streaming services in 2017 about a deal to make their catalogue available. With the release of their first album since 200, set for release in August 30, it might have been the band turning over a new leaf. One can only hope that its release forces the band to end speculation and dump their discography for our streaming delight. 


Of course, 7286 has been available unofficially on the internet for years, but this is undoubtedly the most accessible release thus far. Tone Deaf notes the Youtube version was uploaded using TuneCore, a service that allows aspiring artists to share their music on similar services. With a band as big as Tool, it’s unlikely this would be their chosen method of uploading to streaming services after so much anticipation. 


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