Thom Yorke and Flea team for new track ‘Daily Battles’

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Thom Yorke and Flea team for new track ‘Daily Battles’

‘Daily Battles’, which is available now to stream, was made to feature in the crime drama Motherless Brooklyn at the request of director/star and Radiohead fanboy Edward Norton.


“I wanted Thom to write an old-world melancholy ballad, and I wanted his voice to be the properties for [Norton’s character] Lionel’s voice,” Norton explained to Rolling Stone



Motherless Brooklyn is set for release Thursday October 31 (New Zealand) and follows a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette’s syndrome as he tries to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend, also starring Bruce Willis, Leslie Mann and Willem Dafoe.


The Yorke and Flea pair have each featured in films before, both in soundtrack work and as actors, with Thom’s Suspiria soundtrack and Anima short film pairing him with legendary directors Luca Guadagnino and Paul Thomas Anderson respectively. 



Flea, meanwhile, had a fantastic role in The Big Lebowski, playing one of the Coen brother’s ransom-seeking nihilists that doesn’t even top the list of his best film/TV roles (Back To The Future II and The Wild Thornberrys would like a word).



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