Record Store Day 2018 achieved biggest vinyl sales of all time

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Record Store Day 2018 achieved biggest vinyl sales of all time

With the vinyl resurgence seemingly showing no signs of slowing down, the reports are in that the 11th annual Record Store Day yielded the third-largest weekly numbers around the world for vinyl record sales since they first started tracking them back in 1991. With both the U.S. Nielson Music Report and Official Charts Company in the U.K. noting that it was the biggest event in the history of the day, it seems like this worldwide undertaking will only continue to grow with sales jumping up 16% from the previous RSD in 2017.


Billboard has reported that the landmark day helped to yield a whopping 733,000 vinyl albums sold that week in the U.S. alone, with the U.K. reporting 60,000 albums and 30,000 singles sold. The widely celebrated day, which is specifically aimed at helping independent record stores, saw 580,000 of those unit sales coming from the indie retailer sector alone, without which would have seen a drop in sales of 2.5% overall instead. It’s clear that Record Store Day will only continue to grow and benefit the small businesses around the globe who are pouring their heart and soul into keeping the magic of vinyl alive. 


To keep up to date with all the RSD news for past and future days you can visit the official website here. Additionally, if you want to hear what some of the Australian companies keeping this day alive and well have to say about their top picks for this one just gone, you can check Mixdown’s chats with them here.


Image via Natalie Perea.