Protomartyr Hide New Album in Jukeboxes Across US

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Protomartyr Hide New Album in Jukeboxes Across US

In anticipation for the release of their fourth LP Relatives of Descent, their first with new label Domino, Protomartyr slipped a few advance copies of the album into random jukeboxes found in dive bars across Detroit and New York.


Seemingly protesting our unhinged dependency on modern streaming platforms, the band have announced that fans who were hoping to get a ‘pre-release stream’ of the album would have to head to the bars in Brooklyn, Hamtrack and Detroit to “load their laundry quarters into those music-streaming machines.”


This stunt comes after Protomartyr’s mini promotional festival entitled ‘Boatomartyr,’ which saw the band host a sold out event taking place on the Detroit Princess riverboat with other acts including METZ and Preoccupations (F.K.A Viet Cong).


Ahead of the release of Relatives in Descent on Friday, the band also released their third single ‘Don’t Go To Anacita’, which you can hear below. For more, check out our interview with vocalist Joe Casey.



Relatives in Descent, the fourth album by Protomartyr, is released on Friday September 29 via Domino Recording Company.