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Experienced classical musician, David Teie has produced the world’s first Music For Cats album featuring music scientifically proven to enrich cats’ lives. It could be the solution to all your cat related problems.


After receiving a massive $221, 576 in Kickstarter pledges with the goal amount being $20,000, it’s clear that there are some serious cat-lovers out there that can’t wait to get their hands on an album that could potentially bring them closer to their beloved pets.


So how does it all work? Unlike humans, our feline friends begin their hearing journey outside the womb after they are born. These sounds could include birds chirping, the purring of their mother or the sucking of milk. Teie used musical instruments to incorporate these sounds into various music pieces and then matched it to the perfect frequency range for cats.


A highly experienced cellist, composer and animal music enthusiast, the founder of Music For Cats is clearly right for the part. However, he wasn’t the only one involved in the creation of this idea. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin published findings in Applied Animal Behaviour that “cats showed a significant preference for and interest in species-appropriate music”.


Not only do the cats enjoy listening to the songs written by Teie, but their health and well-being is also supposedly benefiting from it. With many testimonials stating that their pet cat or kitten had responded positively to the musical treatment, I’m it won’t be too long until all cat-lovers own a copy of the record.



After reaching the funding goal this week, the album is now in the production stages. For more information head to the Music For Cats Website or Kickstarter page.