Mac DeMarco’s Car Is For Sale

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Mac DeMarco’s Car Is For Sale

As reported by, it’s fair to assume that DeMarco’s mum is probably keen just to be rid of the 460,000Km travelled beast, listing the 1992 Volvo Wagon on Facebook for a measly CAD$500. 


Fame chasers of the future may look at the purchase as a bargain, but with the car needing a new transmission and towing, other buyers may beware the vehicle’s unroadworthyness.



Nevertheless, the car was featured in Mac’s music videos for “Dreaming” and “Ode To Viceroy,” making it prime value as unique memorabilia.



DeMarco has previously sold a “lightly used” couch on Facebook with proceeds going to a Rock Camp For Girls Montreal as wel as a pair of sneakers in 2015 that brought US$21,100 to the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls.


In related news, the indie star has just released new track ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’ in the lead up to his new album Here Comes The Cowboy. Give the track a listen below: