Listen to Tame Impala’s new single ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’

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Listen to Tame Impala’s new single ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’

The sprawling, six minute psych opus features two distinctive sections, with Kevin Parker’s lyrics delving into the way he continues to process the loss of his father years after his passing.



For those who keep whinging about Parker’s twist away from the fretboard in favour of colourful, electronic textures, ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ might hit home for you. The first half is inflected with a structure reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s slower cuts with a filthy fuzzed-out guitar solo before sinking into soothing second half driven by a a wobbly Juno synth pad. It’s got all it needs to be a setlist highlight, and it’s a keen tease of what to expect from The Slow Rush when it lands in February. 


The Slow Rush arrives via Island Records Australia on Friday February 14, 2020.