Let Donny Benét’s ‘Mr Experience’ soundtrack your Friday

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Let Donny Benét’s ‘Mr Experience’ soundtrack your Friday

‘Mr Experience’ sees the Don at his funkiest, pairing a vaporwave aesthetic with a down and dirty groove that makes you want to get down on your knees and pray to the gods of disco. Benét alluded to being inspired by Chic in  a statement released alongside the single, saying that the concept of ‘Mr Experience’ actually came to him as a suggestion from an unsuspecting member of the public.


“I get suggestions all the time and they never stick – This one did! I like the intro on this one – it’s kind of like a mid 80’s Japanese game show introduction that goes into a little Chic vibe. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Bernard Edwards fan and I tried to play this bass line with as light a touch as possible,” said the Don.


“Who is Mr Experience? What is he experienced in? Apparently making good scrambled eggs is a huge talent, one that requires a lot of knowledge! It is the title track, and I think it’s an appropriate follow-up album title after The Don.”


Listen to ‘Mr Experience’ below to warm yourself up for a dose of Don before the album arrives later this month. 



Benét has also shared previous singles ‘Second Dinner’ and ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ – revisit those choice cuts here. He’s also rescheduled his Mr. Experience tour dates to October this year. Find out more and grab your tickets via his website.


Mr Experience is out Friday 22nd May via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control.