Henry Rollins has started his own four hour radio show

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Henry Rollins has started his own four hour radio show

The Cool Quarantine Is Airing On KCRW

Former Black Flag frontman and hardcore legend Henry Rollins has launched his own mammoth four hour radio show to keep us all occupied and educated while kept on lock.

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Launching the show today, Rollins claimed that he’s been considering the idea of a long-form radio show for years now, but has only felt compelled to make moves now.

In a press release circulated today, Rollins listed two reasons for launching The Cool Quarantine: “The first is that I wanted to make a show that felt like those great hangouts you might have done where you and some friends descend on someone’s house, everyone brings some records and the jam session goes and goes. Also, I know that you might be spending some long spells in your dwelling, so I wanted to make a show that conformed to that.”

The Cool Quarantine is set to deliver a full four hour episode comprising of Rollins’ own ruminations and anecdotes, as well as rare bootleg records and streams of albums and EPs. The first episode, which is available to listen to now, features live bootlegs of concerts from Led Zeppelin and The Cramps, as well as a stream of material from Joy Division and recounts of Rollins’ own experiences in Black Flag.

For music fans, it’s an absolute treasure trove, and promises to be a marathon experience for anyone who’s cooped up and wants to escape into a time capsule to a bygone era.

Stream the first episode of The Cool Quarantine via KCRW here