David Bowie Barbie doll announced

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David Bowie Barbie doll announced

Officially dubbed “Bowie as Barbie” (keeping with the Barbie nomenclature), the toy also marks the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Doll. It comes dressed in Bowie’s iconic 1973 Ziggy Stardust outfit, fit with the Schwarzkopf ‘Red Hot Red’ mop of hair, gold disc on the forehead, galaxial pinstripe and platform boots. From the pictures released thus far, it is a very detailed doll. 



In an official statement, Mattel said they wished to honour the “pioneer of sound and vision, English singer, songwriter and actor, whose dramatic musical transformations continue to influence and inspire”. In the Facebook post, Mattel hint a Thin White Duke and Halloween Jack Ken Doll could be coming too.



Regardless of your gut reaction to the toy, Bowie Barbie dolls actually make a lot of sense. The icon’s numerous looks will forever signal to young artists that it’s okay to embrace your wild, performative side and be who you want to be no matter who that might be. 


Grab your very own Bowie as Barbie doll here. In the meantime, relive the song celebrating its half centennial above.