Clowns announce new album, their own hot sauce

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Clowns announce new album, their own hot sauce

Nature/Nurture marks an industry leap for Clowns, being both the first release on their newly established Damaged Records and the first of their new deal with famed punk label Fat Wreck Chords internationally. Clowns will be only the second ever Australian band (the first being their tourmates Frenzal Rhomb) to sign to Fat Wreck Chords, joining the likes of NOFX, Descendants and Rancid. Previously, Clowns operated Damaged Records as a DIY booking agency.


“We drive our own tour van, we book our own shows, we do our own illegal poster runs and now we release our own records,” Clowns singer Steve Williams said in a press release. 


Clowns have released ‘Prick’ ahead of Nature/Nurture‘s April 12th release, which you can listen to below. It’s a tremolo picked two and a half minute punk whirlwind, railing against self-important musicians you thought were cool.  Nikki Brumen of Pagan makes a guest appearance in the song, offering brief spoken word interludes to defend against Williams’ attacks. 



Clowns have also teamed up with local Gold Coast hot sauce manufacturer Punk Rock Peppers (evidently a very niche operation) to produce the ominously titled ‘May I Be Extinguished?’ Clowns Hot Sauce. It’s especially paired to represent the dual themes of their forthcoming record with the opposing flavours of habanero and lime. Each bottle is individually numbered.


Nature/Nurture arrives on April 12 via Damaged Records (AU), Fat Wreck Chords (International). If you’re not caught up with the Melbourne punks, check out our chat with Steve Williams from 2017.