Camp Cope share details of new album

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Camp Cope share details of new album

The album is the first full-length record released by the band since their self-titled debut in 2016, and is set to arrive in March 2018. The album opens with Camp Cope’s aptly named track ‘The Opener’, a powerful statement against sexism in the music industry, and will feature nine songs in total.


How To Socialise & Make Friends explores a range of themes from independence and friendship to the difficulties of recovering from sexual assault and coping with a battle against cancer. You can get an idea of what to expect from the record from the full tracklist below:


1. The Opener
2. How To Socialise & Make Friends
3. The Face of God
4. Anna
5. Sagan-Indiana
6. The Omen
7. Animal and Real
8. UFO Lighter
9. I’ve Got You



How To Socialise & Make Friends is due to be released Friday March 2, 2018.


(Photo: Naomi Beveridge)