Korg announce wavestate mkII and wavestate SE

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Korg announce wavestate mkII and wavestate SE

Korg wavestation SE

There’s a handful of makers that are synonymous with synths, and Korg are up there with the best of them.

Their latest, joining products like the Opsix, Minilogue and even the Volca series, was the wavestate, an overhaul of Korg’s Wavestation that changed the game in the 90s. The Wavestation harnessed the sampled-based vector synthesis to combine samples into entirely new sounds. Korg’s market leading OASYS and KRONOS synths pushed this (pardon the synth-based pun) envelope further, and now the wavestate harnesses newly developed Wave Sequencing 2.0 to seamlessly blend sampling and synthesis to inspire a new generation of creators. This week, Korg launched their revised wavestate mkII and SE range of synths, building on the exceptional product that the wavestate was.

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The wavestate mkII expands on everything that the wavestate brought to the table: compact form factor synth, with four layers, or samples, available to be blended together, most intuitively with the joystick control and practical connectivity with audio and MIDI outs. The wavestate II offers improved polyphony with 96 stereo voices, updated sounds and software. The wavestation SE takes this to a new level, being made in Japan and featuring a 61-note natural-touch keyboard with aftertouch, with 120 stereo voices of polyphony and tactile additions like metal knobs for easy tweaking.

Korg joystick

The wavestate II and SE encapsulates all that Korg have done over the last few decades, forging a path for a new generation of synths, as well as the contemporary standards for tech and the future of vector synthesis. They’re synths that will find its home in the hands and bedrooms of budding producers and synth devotees, while also being equally usable to the most discerning professionals. Being sample based, the wavestate was focused on sound design, soundscapes and other textures and layers, but you’re only limited by your own imagination; Korg’s new offering having the tech to do so much more than traditional sample based production.

For more info visit Korg. For local enquiries visit CMI.