Kali Audio IN-8 2nd Wave: Improved transient response with new DSP

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Kali Audio IN-8 2nd Wave: Improved transient response with new DSP

Kali Audio IN-8 2nd Wave product shot
Words by Sam McNiece

A step up in regards to audio quality and delivery.

Californian based Kali Audio have unveiled the newest version of their Independence IN-8 studio monitor. The new iteration improves on transient response, signal to noise ratio and features a new DSP for better optimisation of the loudspeaker.

What you need to know:

  • Kali Audio have announced the 2nd wave iteration of their IN-8 studio monitors.
  • The 3-way speaker design has been tweaked to make less self noise, produce less distortion and comes with new lighter drivers.
  • These improvements add to the already quality product which features a front firing bass port and flexible dip switch controls.

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Improving on their last speaker was bound to be a challenge at this price point—especially for a 3-way monitor—but the new Kali Audio IN-8 seems to be significantly better in a few key areas.

First off, they have reduced the internal self noise from the speaker by 12dB, which marks a large improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio on the monitors. Kali Audio have also introduced a new DSP which boasts a smoother high frequency tuning, and while above 400Hz, THD (total harmonic distortion) is less than 0.3% which is a step up from the 1.1% present on the older model.

With regards to actual materials, the woofer and mid range driver are now lighter than before, offering an increased level of transient response. Their soft dome tweeter is touch resistant, which means it will bounce back into place if you actually touch it—great news for the clumsy engineer in all of us.

Features that made this monitor a good choice in the first place are still here, like the front firing bass port and dip switches for flexible placement and tuning of the monitors. Kali Audio have added an additional dip switch to the IN-8s that allows them to be placed horizontally, not just vertically.

Check out this video below for an introduction to the 2nd Wave Kali Audio IN-8 monitors.

For more information, head to Kali Audio’s website and for local enquiries, get in touch with NAS Solutions.