Jackson unveil limited edition Pro Series Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly HT6

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Jackson unveil limited edition Pro Series Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly HT6

Jeff Loomis
Words by Mixdown staff

With a two-decade partnership, Loomis has thrilled fans with his Jackson signature models, and now, he's back with an exciting addition to the lineup, sure to captivate both die-hard Loomis enthusiasts and players seeking a modern twist on the iconic Kelly shape.

This week, Jackson and modern-metal legend Jeff Loomis unveil the Limited Edition Pro Series Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly HT6. Jackson caters to the guitarist who is in pursuit of greater speed, power and accuracy in their playing.

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This pursuit of excellence in performance has been at the core of Jackson’s philosophy since its
inception. In a parallel journey that spans back to 1995, Jeff Loomis has been a prominent figure on the
world’s stages, consistently embodying this very sentiment. His distinctive, exacting and technically-
driven playing style has left an indelible mark on various subgenres of metal.

Loomis’ musical journey has been notably marked by his presence in globally acclaimed bands like Nevermore and Arch Enemy, through which he has propelled his artistry to new heights. Through the decades, dedicated fans have had the privilege of witnessing Loomis continuously refine his signature playing style, taking it to unprecedented levels.

His commitment to pushing the boundaries of the metal genre has been a source of inspiration for many and his collaboration with Jackson embodies this shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of metal music.

“It’s a seriously metal looking guitar,” said Jeff Loomis. “My favorite feature is the heel mount truss rod wheel. As a touring musician, it’s perfect if I need to adjust the neck on the fly. The playability is truly superior and the single volume and pickup toggle switches make it simple yet effective. I’ve played Jackson’s from an early age so working with them again to create this signature model has been incredibly fulfilling. I just really love how this guitar turned out and I know fans will too.”

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