Isabella Manfredi, Tentendo + more, our favourite records of the week

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Isabella Manfredi, Tentendo + more, our favourite records of the week

Words by Mixdown Staff

Isabella Manfredi goes solo, Tentendo supplies your weekend fix, and The HU brings it home

This week, Isabella Manfredi drops izzi, Tentendo drops the Player One, and The HU drops Rumble of Thunder.

This week’s top picks:

  • Isabella Manfredi – izzi
  • Tentendo – Player One
  • The HU – Rumble of Thunder

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Isabella Manfredi – izzi

Manfredi parted ways with The Preatures and has moved into the solo realm with her debut album izzi.

“I wanted to make something that didn’t necessarily sound like everything else,” Isabella says. “It’s got a lot of character and a lot of heart, it’s a very personal album. It’s the first time I felt really proud of a body of work that I’m putting out. I still love it. I put it on sometimes and have a little dance and remind myself one day people are going to hear this.”

The sounds throughout izzi aren’t too far away from that of The Preatures, but there are some interesting spins and stylings that are unique to Manfredi.

“It’s not that dissimilar to The Preatures, and all I was looking to really do was what I did in the band but elevate it and refine it, and just have more creative control over actually what went into the process.”

Tentendo – Player One

With a penchant for dance music and everything soul, Melbourne-based Tentendo’s fusion of shuffled grooves and funky basslines are a solid bedrock foundation for his brand of House. For him, music has always been the perfect creative release and the perfect vessel to transport positivity from the studio to the dancefloor.

Leading up to his BIGSOUND performance, Tentendo has released an EP Player One, which brings us four new unreleased songs that show a reimagined side of Tentendo and a glimpse into what is to come for the future of this rising star.

His inherent funk style mixed with to-die-for dance beats leave you unapologetically asking for more. Top that with their title track ‘Sunny’ and Jordan Dennis’ undeniable soul fusion take.

The HU – Rumble of Thunder

Hailing from Mongolia, The HU have combined traditional music and instrumentation performed in their native language using native instrumentation with Western modern rock stylings to create a unique and catchy sound they have labelled as “Hunnu Rock.”

Across its 12 tracks, Rumble of Thunder connects the world to Mongolian culture and its unique core values of natural preservation and spiritual connection with the earth. These core values are on full display in the album along with deeply meaningful lyrics that uplift Mongol people, as the band wishes for prosperity and peace among all.

Rumble of Thunder extends the variety of songs that the Hunnu Rock genre has and focuses on bringing new playing techniques that would sound unique and add more hard rock components to the songs,” The HU states.