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Want the inside scoop on what’s happening in the music industry in both Australia and abroad? We’ve got you covered. 

Which scribe started an interview, “Don’t like your new album much”?
Is Aussie music streaming Guvera about to list after a “large” injection of cash?
Is Calvin Harris to shell out $500,000 on an engagement ring for Taylor Swift?
Has Apple Music picked up 10 million subscribers around the world so far?
Aside from its high debuts in Australia and the UK, Tame Impala’s Currents debuted at #4 on the Billboard chart, #1 on Alternative Albums and #2 on Top Rock albums in the US after selling 45,000 copies there in its first week. 14,000 of these (or 31% of sales) were on vinyl, the largest vinyl sale for a week for over a year since Jack White’s Lazaretto moved 40,000.
The Edge and Adam Clayton gate crashed U2 fan site The Cutting Room’s 20th anniversary celebrations in New York, surprising organisers (who had been told the band were busy and only someone from management would attend) by performing two songs with a U2 tribute band to 450 fans. Earlier at their shows, U2 performed Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love with Laurie Anderson and the woman who dialled 911 when Bono crashed his bike, and Paul Simonforhis 1972 hit Mother And Child Reunion.
Yes, Foo Fighters did say yes to playing a gig in Cesena, Italy, after a video of 1,000 fans covering Learn To Fly went viral.
At Blur’s Perth Arena show, Damon Albarn was jumping up around onstage so much he knocked Alex James flat on his back.
Sam Haycroft, guitarist with Melbourne punkers I Am Duckeye (and previously with Sydonia) is a hero down the Victorian coast after he saved a blind man from drowning off Elizabeth Cove after his boat capsized in bad weather. Haycroft battled the elements and paddled out to save him.
Courtney Love and Frances Bean are urging a Seattle court not to release Kurt Cobain’s death scene photos after a local TV host took legal action against the city to release photos, which he says will show he was murdered.
Guitarist DJ Ashba left Guns N’Roses after six years to focus on Sixx:AM (led by Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx) who are to embark on a two-year world tour.
NSW police said they were disturbed that LSD made a comeback at Splendour.
Craze Fest in Chicago, which used a hologram of rapper Chief Keef, was stopped within minutes by authorities because the rapper is banned in that city.