The Greens Pledge $270 Million To The Arts

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The Greens Pledge $270 Million To The Arts


The Australian Greens have initiated a challenge towards the Federal Governments indicated nation-wide cuts to The Arts. In the wake of the Federal Government announcement to cut funding to 62 small to mid-level arts organisations, The Greens plan to build support for authors and invest $1 million into National Arts Week.


The new arts policy aims to “reverse the Liberals’ attacks on the arts,” pledging an additional $270 million into the arts sector, following the recent controversy of reallocating $12 million to Catalyst (A body who only funds projects selected by the Government). The Greens aim to disband Catalyst and give the power back to the Australian Council.


The proposed policy looks to double the funding available to Australian Council grants and looks to rejuvenate the budgets of The National Gallery, National Library, National Museum, National Film and many more.


MP Adam Bandt states; ‘A vibrant, well-resourced and independent arts community is core to any thriving society. Yet instead in our arts and artists, The Liberal Government launched an unprecedented attack on the arts sector under former Arts Minister George Brandis’.


The Greens provide a solid solution towards a rivalled issue. Given the recent momentum, the policy is still contingent on The Greens success. Without assistance, many arts organisations will not be able to run without government aid.


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