Spotify to allow indie artists to upload tracks directly

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Spotify to allow indie artists to upload tracks directly

While the feature is only in its testing stages now, direct upload will allow unsigned artists to bypass record labels, distribution groups or Spotify employees to get their tunes straight onto the platform, as well as allowing them to access user engagement metrics and ‘future earning’ projections based on their current streaming figures.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Spotify representatives said through collaborating with independent artists such as Noname, the Chicago rap sensation currently touring Australia for Listen Out, the platform was able to expand on the feedback supplied by artists to create a equitable platform for upcoming and unsigned musicians – “Artists have told us that releasing their music on Spotify can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking, so we wanted to give as much transparency to the process as possible… The new features we built really speak to ease and flexibility. We’re working with independent artists and their teams to own their copyright and distribute their content.”


This development comes just after a year since Spotify and Soundcloud failed to come to a merger agreement, ending what could have been the biggest music streaming conglomerate in the contemporary music industry. If all goes to plan, we can expect this new feature to be rolled out in full within the next few months – just sign up to Spotify’s mailing list for all the updates on how to get onboard.