Spotify testing ‘storyline’ feature to showcase artist’s behind-the-scenes experiences

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Spotify testing ‘storyline’ feature to showcase artist’s behind-the-scenes experiences

‘Storyline’ delves into the artist’s work behind the music, showing a slideshow that presents the story behind the song along with interative ‘cards’ and additional background content.


Currently in its testing phase, only users in the US and the Netherlands can see the new slideshow via iOS and Android platforms. The new features are currently only available with a limited number of tracks, including ‘Sucker’ by The Jonas Brothers and a few from Billie Eilish’s debut record, with the ‘I Like When You Get Mad’ storyline being used to explain little tidbits about the lyrics and the point of view of the song.




As such, the feature allows artists the opportunity to further engage with their audiences by adding exclusive information for those who use the Spotify app.


As of yet, there’s no news on whether Spotify plan on releasing these features more broadly, but don’t be surprised if you hear more from the streaming giants in coming weeks as they seek to delve deeper into the multimedia space. 


Earlier this year, Spotify bought up New York-based podcast company Gimlet in a 200 Million dollar deal, signifying the company’s interest in expanding its catalogue of streamable and online content.


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