Marshall Are Launching Their Own Record Label

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Marshall Are Launching Their Own Record Label


Marshall have launched a plan to bring guitar music to the masses, via their own record label. This marks a step in the right direction for the amp company, whom have graced us with countless decades of quality music gear.


The label will be managed by Irish producer Rob Cass, Industry veteran Steve Tannett and Marshall Brand licensing director Grace Pantomy. The collective’s vision stems from Jim Marshall’s passion to keep music alive.


Marshall themselves have yet too release more information regarding their announcement, but the iconic amp designers have stated that the label, “is the next logical step in Marshall’s evolution.” The continue, “a keystone in the Marshall story, so we’re expecting big things. Plus anything that gives guitar music a boost fine by us.”


This poses as a great step in the future for the company, Adding to its impressive and evolving catalogue thus far. You can’t help but wonder if the label will enforce a strict all-Marshall backline policy. 


For more details on the range of Marshall products, head to