Here’s what you need to know about Australia’s Record Store Day in 2020

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Here’s what you need to know about Australia’s Record Store Day in 2020

Due to the spread of COVID-19, Australian event organisers were forced to move Record Store Day from Saturday April 18 to the later date of Saturday June 20. However, they’ve now rescheduled the event yet again, with the festivities now being spread across three days in August, September and October, meaning we now have three days to justify spending all our cash on some wax. Yes!


Record Store Day Australia will now take place on Saturday August 29, Saturday September 26 and Saturday October 24. Each day will see record stores receive a bundle of exclusive ‘RSD Drops’, allowing for exclusive releases to be dispersed fairly between stores to ensure everybody receives a hefty cut of the cheese. Organisers have said that this event structure allows for the best return for record stores, labels and distribution services alike, making it known that this year’s event is all about putting the industry in the limelight. 


“Prior events have been as much about the gatherings, parties, concerts and ‘group hang’ element of a celebration as the special releases,” RSD organisers said in a statement, “but in this unprecedented global situation, the focus of these ‘RSD Drops’ dates is on bringing revenue to the stores, as well as to the artists, labels, distribution and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work.”


For a full list of exclusive Australian Record Store Day releases for 2020, head on over to their catalogue. There’s so much good wax up for grabs, with reissues from the likes of Kraftwerk, The Allman Brothers Band, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and New Order up for grabs.


At this time, it’s still unknown as to whether we’ll be able to enjoy all the in-store performances and signings that usually go down on Record Store Day. We’ll keep you updated as more information emerges.



Record Store Day will now go down across August 29, September 26 and October 24. Head to their website for more information today.