George Harrison’s Sgt. Peppers Amp Goes on Sale

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George Harrison’s Sgt. Peppers Amp Goes on Sale

In a statement regarding the sale, Heritage Gear affirm the authenticity of the amplifier, providing two provenance documents confirming it was one of several models owned by Harrison in the 1960’s.


Used extensively by Harrison on seminal Beatles albums Revolver and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club, the Vox UL730 was one of Vox’s first experiments with merging solid state and valve technology. Featuring a germanium transistor pre-amp and four EL84 valves to push 30 watts of power, the UL730’s distinctive biting lead tone was most notably used by Harrison on the Revolver cut ‘She Said She Said’.


Harrison’s UL730 was featured in the 2011 The Beatles Story Liverpool Exhibition, and has also been previously used by Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs. The amp also comes with a choice of two speaker cabinets – one of which will set you back a measly $11, 000.



If you’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars to spare, you can check out the listing here.